For whom is individual psychotherapy?

I offer my help to adults:

  • with a chronic sense of sadness and dissatisfaction with life
  • with problems in relationships with other people
  • in mourning or with a sense of other loss (loss of job, breakup of a relationship)
  • with personality disorders
  • with low self-esteem
  • with professional burnout
  • with anxiety disorders
  • struggling with depressive, neurotic, anxiety, psychosomatic and eating disorders.

I conduct individual psychotherapy for adults, sessions can also be held in English. All psychotherapy sessions take place in Warsaw, Ursynów. I conduct psychotherapy and online psychotherapy consultations for people staying abroad.

I focus on helping the patient reflect on what they came to me with – why they decided to seek help from a psychologist at this particular moment and whether we can begin to name and talk about their experiences and dilemmas that are the cause of their suffering, poor well-being, depression, etc. during psychotherapy.

When we gain a fuller understanding of our current and past experiences during therapy sessions, the patient, with the support of the psychotherapist, rebuilds their self-esteem and begins to notice their own potential and becomes ready to enter into fuller relationships with other people.

Psychodynamic therapy comes from psychoanalysis. Sessions are held face-to-face and consist of a free-flowing conversation. The patient can bring everything they come with to therapy, there are no specific work templates, the therapist encourages patients to bring their experiences, thoughts, dreams, fantasies, emotions from the moment they leave the office until the next meeting. The therapist helps the patient gain a broader perspective on what is happening to them, thanks to which the patient gradually gains insight into themselves, understands their experiences and where they come from.

Before starting psychotherapy, I invite you to psychological consultations (usually 3-4 meetings), read more at: PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS

Therapy sessions are held in Ursynów (Kabaty) ul. Zaruby 9 lok. 91 (600 meters from the Kabaty metro station).

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