Consultations and therapy online

Psychotherapy and online psychological consultations Psychologist, online psychotherapist - for whom?

I especially recommend online sessions for people permanently living abroad who do not have access to a psychologist / psychotherapist from the same culture. I recommend sessions carried out in this way to the sick, whose condition limits the possibility of comfortable changing places. The current situation regarding the COVID-19 threat requires the use of online services.

Psychological consultations. Psychotherapy online.

Psychologist online Zoom

I conduct psychotherapy and online consultations through Zoom. If you decide on this form of work, after setting the date, you'll receive an activation link from me - an invitation to an online meeting.

Psychologist online Skype

I also contact my patients and anyone who needs the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist via Skype known to everyone. You can choose this form of online contact with a psychologist.

Psychologist, online psychotherapist - FAQ, important information

Take care of your comfort. A therapeutic session or online psychological consultation is a time when nobody should disturb you. You have the right to inform and require household members to respect your space. Of course, this is not always possible, but try to ensure peace and freedom.

I work on Skype and Zoom. Skype requires installation and registration (unless you choose to enter through a site that allows conversation without installation, then you only need to register, but I do not recommend this solution).

Zoom also requires installation, it is very fast and intuitive. The moment you decide to use this form of online contact, you will receive an email from me with an activation link. In case of problems with the installation, I am ready to help you. 

The cost of psychotherapy or online psychological consultation is PLN 150/50 min

You can sign up for psychotherapy or online psychological consultation by phone, e-mail or by sending an inquiry via the form. 

COVID-19- information about psychological sessions

WARNING. Due to the threat of COVID-19, all therapy sessions / psychological consultations take place online.

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